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Serving people as they lead their organizations, relationships, and lives.

What We Do

It's all about your organization, your relationships, your life

We serve people as they lead their organizations, relationships, and lives.

  • We work with you to customize a plan of support for your professional, relational, and personal life.
  • We provide teaching, training, consulting, counseling, and resources related to organizational, relational, and personal health and wellbeing.
  • We equip your organization with the tools you need to become increasingly effective and life-friendly.
  • We provide instruction and guidance to help you enhance the quality of the lives and relationships of those who serve with you.

Ways We Serve


We provide customized consulting and coaching related to: organizational development; strategic thinking; team building; facilitating change; communication training; personal and career coaching

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Our Expertise


We bring more than 30 years of executive leadership experience and decades of involvement with collaborative relationship training to our work with organizations, couples, and individual clients.

About us

Transform your organizational, relational, and personal life today.


"Will strengthen your results!"

 Molly T. Marshall, Ph. D., President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation, Central Baptist Theological Seminary:

Greg Hunt blends pastoral excellence and thoughtful scholarship in his teaching, consulting, and coaching. His expertise in leadership has been forged over years of faithful service in churches, business organizations, and educational institutions. Through personal experience I can attest that having him on your team will strengthen your pursuits.

"Balanced focus: purpose and people!"

 Ron Fisher, Leadership Coach and Consultant, Hutchinson, KS:

Greg Hunt has the street cred to process leadership and organizational strategy with the best of them. He is a proven leader and passionate about helping organizations make forward progress. But Greg also understands the value of people and the power of the human dynamic. It’s his ability to balance these important concepts that makes Greg such an exceptional teacher, speaker and coach.


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