Molly T. Marshall, Ph. D., President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation, Central Baptist Theological Seminary:Molly Marshall

Greg Hunt blends pastoral excellence and thoughtful scholarship in his teaching, consulting, and coaching. His expertise in leadership has been forged over years of faithful service in churches, business organizations, and educational institutions. Through personal experience I can attest that having him on your team will strengthen your pursuits.


Gary D. Baldwin, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, New Life Community Church, Pineville, LA:

Dr. Gary BaldwinDr. Greg Hunt is one of the most gifted leaders I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  He is fully aware of the challenges involved in leading people to change directions, move to new kinds of strategies, develop new goals, comprehend the post-modern mindset, grasp the global dynamics of their new worlds and motivate people without making them mad to move successfully into a new day.  Dr. Hunt always reflects a gentleman’s character and a calming godly spirit in any and all tumultuous crisis.  With a humble spirit and a servant heart, he teaches and demonstrates how a powerful Christian leader leads.  Through personal experiences, learning from the best CEO’s in America and gaining great insight into conflict management and crisis-time leadership from vast amounts of study, Dr. Hunt has much to teach any church leader, church-supporting organization or any small business executive.  Dr. Hunt has greatly influenced me to be a much more successful leader.


Harold Phillips, Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Missouri:

harold phillipsGreg has demonstrated a strong combination of communication gifts – spoken and written. He senses immediate and discerns long-term needs for organizations. Greg and I got to work with each other as a church-supporting organization began. I have observed Greg’s leadership as pastor of a local congregation. I have noted the efforts of Greg and his wife Priscilla as they work to strengthen marriages through retreats and workshops. Greg’s integrity is top-notch.


Rev. Phill Martin, CAE CCA, Deputy CEO, National Association of Church Administration:phill martin

Greg Hunt is a leader, speaker, writer who understands the life of ministry in its fullness. He has experienced the joy, energy, difficulties, agony and paradox that the demands of day-to-day ministry bring to clergy and their families. After dedicating the first journey of his ministry to the practice and experience of ministry in local congregations, he has now gifted the ministry community by writing, teaching, speaking and guiding those who walk this demanding and rewarding journey. His insights and honesty about the task will bring fresh perspective and creative resources to you personally and to your community.


Dennis W. Foust, PhD, Senior Minister, St. John’s Church (Baptist) of DFoustCharlotte:

When you consider introducing clear communicators into the life of your congregation, you look for persons who are trustworthy, and you want them to bring good listening skills and a caring spirit to the people. When you invite Greg Hunt to be your guest, you will welcome a person who values congregational life and invests himself in holistic approaches to nurturing congregational vitality and renewal. Greg is discerning and compassionate as well as knowledgeable. It is my privilege to recommend him to you.


Rev. Katheryn Graham, D.Min., Greater KC Regional Minister, Disciples of Christ:

Dr. Katheryn Graham004XI have come to know Dr. Greg Hunt and his wife Priscilla personally and professionally since their relocation to the Greater Kansas City area in 2010. Professionally, Dr. Hunt spoke to the Disciples Ministers’ Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Greater KC Region on two occasions. The presentations on his two books were well received by the clergy who attended as evidenced by the conversations and purchase of books afterward. On both occasions, Greg Hunt did a great job speaking with our area ministers about leading congregations through crisis. He was personable and engaging, and he provided participants a wealth of practical wisdom they could take back to their churches. He is approachable and affable, and he speaks with the confidence and compassion born out of personal experience and years in ministry. Personally, I have been privileged to become acquainted with Greg and Priscilla through their leadership of an area Marriage Enrichment Group for clergy. Their candid conversations and evident care for one another have encouraged those of us in the group to grow and enhance our own relationships. Greg and Priscilla are a wonderful asset to our area. I am proud to count them as colleagues and pleased to call them friends.


John Colson, attorney and volunteer leader in the marriage enrichment movement for more than 25 years:

john colsonGreg and Priscilla Hunt are my number one choice for marriage education presenters. Their methods are founded on Christian principals and backed by proven scientific findings. More importantly, their leadership style is dynamic, engaging, and seasoned with a touch of humor appropriate for this serious subject.  This helps the event participants to relax and remain receptive to growth. Greg and Priscilla make a smoothly functioning team that shares leadership equally. I have attended marriage education events led by the Hunts on more than 12 occasions, and I have always found them to be passionate about strengthening marriages and always willing to share from their hearts.


Hope Shipman, M.D., volunteer marriage enrichment leader:

shipman-Image_1476w-240x300I first met Greg and Priscilla Hunt when they were the keynote presenters at our Texas Marriage Celebration. They were warm and friendly and their story was compelling and honest. When we were introduced, they were immediately engaged in learning more about my husband and my journey. Since that time, we have had the good fortune to share many other events with Greg and Priscilla. We have observed Greg to be especially helpful, insightful, and compassionate. He has the instinct to know just what is needed in many situations and then volunteers to be part of the solution. Although a natural leader, Greg is also a delightful team member. He has the unique talent of helping others feel comfortable sharing their deepest concerns. He can then coach them as they navigate toward solutions. Blessed with a keen sense of humor and compelling smile, it seems that Greg has never met a stranger.


Ron Fisher, Leadership Coach and Consultant, Hutchinson, KS:

Ron Fisher Sept 28 2012Greg Hunt has the street cred to process leadership and organizational strategy with the best of them. He is a proven leader and passionate about helping organizations make forward progress. But Greg also understands the value of people and the power of the human dynamic. It’s his ability to balance these important concepts that makes Greg such an exceptional teacher, speaker and coach.


Dr. Kathy Pickett, Senior Pastor, Prairie Baptist Church, Prairie Village, KS:

pickettkI have known and partnered in ministry with Dr. Greg Hunt for twenty plus years as lay person, staff member, and more recently, colleague and friend. Throughout our relationship I have observed and called upon Greg’s multi-faceted gifts and talents. His pastoral counseling provided much needed direction for a family member in crisis. Upon answering my vocational call to ministry Greg offered and shared spiritual guidance, prompting, and wise consulting. While we no longer serve together congregationally, he continues to be a trusted advocate and encourager in ministry. Beyond pastoral care, Greg is an innovative, insightful, thoughtful leader, speaker, and preacher. His voice and perspective are welcomed denominationally and academically, offering much to those he serves.  I continue to appreciate Greg’s dedication and ability to partner with both individuals and communities in effective, meaningful ways, motivating and moving towards a bright and hope-filled future.


Michael R. Tutterow, Senior Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church Cartersville, Georgia:

michael tutterowFor more than a dozen years, Greg Hunt has been a friend and leader I have turned to for insight and foresight. As a conference and workshop leader, Greg facilitates learning that enriches understanding and empowers practice. His warm, engaging style and quick wit make group experiences memorable and meaningful. As an author, he honestly shares both the struggle and reward of leadership. His thoughtful reflections shed light for both the dark night of the soul and the unexpected crises that befall leaders of any organization. As a friend and confidant, he provides a faithful presence and wise counsel. Whether in print or in person, Greg has become a trusted guide for navigating the leadership landscape.


Thomas E. Clifton, ABC-USA,  former President of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, KS:

clifton_tom3With the vision of a prophet, Dr. Greg Hunt combines the mind of a scholar of church and culture with the heart of a pastor. He thinks ahead of us to what might be and shows us the stepping stones that could help us journey there. Few are better at helping us consider what the church might look like in a time of cultural change and political chaos.


Meg McLaughlin, Co-Pastor, Burke Presbyterian Church, Burke, VA:

mclaughlnmegPastors are prone to burnout. They can get awful thirsty offering other people water. Greg Hunt is a wise friend who can be trusted to come alongside pastors to encourage, equip, guide and replenish this in their ministry. Through his work with Priscilla, he stands ready to nurture the pastor’s marriage. With his honesty, he is ready to be vulnerable with you in the trenches of ministry. With his gifts of consulting, he helps guide and counsel next steps. And with his deep faith, he is prepared to sustain and equip you for the journey ahead.

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