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Named by the Academy of Parish Clergy as one of the TOP TEN BOOKS of 2012


It’s A MUST READ for congregational leaders wanting to lead well during their church’s toughest times. Click here  for more information.



Larry McSwain, Ph.D. Consulting/Coaching and Adjunct Professor, Church and Community, McAfee School of Theology, Atlanta, GA:

  • “Every congregation, whatever its size, denomination, or tradition, faces the potential for unexpected crises. There is no better resource for anticipating or responding to the tragic than Greg Hunt. His book is a superb guide. Read it before crisis occurs!”

Bill Klossner, Pastor, Congregational United Church of Christ, Punta Gorda, FL:

  • “Greg Hunt breaks ground on a subject that is rarely part of church leadership training, but should be. This book reminds church leaders that disasters of all types can impact the life of a congregation. From personal experience, I know that natural and human-caused disasters can change everything, and so this field-tested advice from those who have “been there” is a must-read.”

Gene Klann, Lt. Col. Retired, US Army, and author of Crisis Leadership:

  • “Drawing on the insights of experienced leaders in and beyond the church, Greg Hunt’s book offers a readily-accessible roadmap for leading through crisis with wisdom, compassion, and missional purpose. It is a must read for all church leaders!!”

Edward Hammett, author of Reaching People under 40 while Keeping People over 60:

  • “Whether the crisis is driven by weather, personalities, the organization, or tragedies, the author provides a biblical and pastoral framework for guiding churches through crisis to new hope, deeper faith, and renewed commitments. His case-study approach adds strength and practical networks for finding and taking next steps through crisis.”

Rev. Dr. Harry Blake, senior pastor of Mount Canaan Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana and General Secretary, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.:

  • “God’s people are not exempted from crisis; being proactive in any situation makes for less chaos. Leading Congregations through Crisis is a proactive approach and a blueprint for churches across America. This book certainly serves as an easy-read handbook for any church leader.”

Ray Higgins, Coordinator, Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas:

  • “When a crisis hits, a pastor’s leadership can help define the church or derail it. Out of 30-plus years of pastoral experience, extensive research, and practical interviews with crisis-tested congregational leaders from multiple denominations, Greg Hunt has created a must-have, must-read, must-use guide for pastors and leaders. When a crisis intrudes, unwelcomed and unannounced, upon your congregation, his book offers wise insights and strategies for preventing preventable crises, preparing for those that might occur anyway, and recovering from crisis when it comes.”

George Bullard, church consultant, author, and founder of The Columbia Partnership (Foreword):

  • “I am pleased that a person who has spent several decades in pastoral ministry and has also had a focus on healthy marriages and families, could craft this exceptional book.”

Linda C. Fuller, co-founder of Habitat for Humanity International and the Fuller Center for Housing:

  • “The knowledge and experiences Greg shares in this book, although written specifically for congregations, can also be applied in situations with any Christian organization.”

Bill J. Leonard, Wake Forest University:

  • “This book is a significant resource for congregations and the clergy and laity who lead them. Using multiple case studies, Hunt offers insightful guidance for churches that confront unexpected crises, a superb blend of theory and praxis.”

Back cover of the book:

  • “Greg Hunt has crafted a book church leaders need to read even as they hope they’ll never use it. Ten different types of crises, ranging from violence to natural disasters to internal congregational strife, provide insight on how to lead congregations through harrowing times into healthy futures.”

To hear a recent interview I did related to the book, click here.

For more information about how I can serve your church or church-related organization, email me at huntgreg54@gmail.com.


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