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“In this most beautiful book, Greg Hunt invites us into an unsettling time in his life, exposes the fault lines of his faith, and describes the path he walked into and out of the dark. Thanks to the trail markers he leaves along the way, he makes it easier for us to find our way, too.”
Susan M. Heim, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women

“Sometimes raw, always honest, and ultimately hopeful, Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night speaks to the spiritual longings of the human heart. It offers not a tidy spiritual prescription, but a ragged record of the quest for God and the pursuit of a purposeful life. It’s as much about the search for truth as it is finding it.”
Julie Pennington-Russell, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Decatur, GA

“As Greg Hunt shows in his thought-provoking account of faith under stress, we don’t have to give up when God seems elusive. His own experience provides a trail to follow, with unforgettable things to learn along the way.”
Robert A. Schuller, Crystal Cathedral Ministries


“Greg has written a searing spiritual memoir…His personal transparency evinces the humility of one who has wrestled with God, indeed.”
Molly T. Marshall, president, Central Baptist Theological Seminary


“If you have ever longed to hear God whispering a love song into your life, you will hear it loudly and clearly in the pages of this compelling and honestly written book.”
Gary Chapman, NY Times best-selling author, The Love Languages of God

“Greg Hunt has a way with the written word. Somehow you feel as if you have met a fellow traveler on the path we call faith. Open this book, and it is as if you met him in a coffee shop and when he begins speaking your heart leaps for joy…aha you think, I am not the only one on this long journey. I thought I was alone, oh how lonely I have been. And then as Greg keeps speaking to your heart you softly weep. Because to have the sadness and shame and despair of your heart comforted is a sweet and kind thing. Greg’s insight into scripture, to the very words Jesus spoke, has a way of nurturing and bolstering the soul. If you have been “promoted” by God to a life of sorrow, pain and ruin do not be tempted to say God has left me. Greg understands and his words will steer you closer to the light in that dark night. This is MUST reading for anyone who yearns for God in the years that the locust have eaten.”
Sally Franz, Amazon Best Selling Religion Author, “Scrambled Leggs”


“This is perhaps the most honest book I’ve read in a decade…Greg Hunt, like a contemporary Job, asks many of the questions no-one is supposed to ask and so finds his way to realities we all need to hear. This is one of those rare books that really could change your life. Don’t miss it.”
Christopher Webb, president of Renovare

“For a Christian leader of this caliber to be so open and show such raw honesty is rare, and extremely refreshing! …    I was brought to tears at times … Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night will speak to the depths of your soul with understanding and ultimately a restoring Hope. A wonderful book. I highly recommend it!”
Kim Verriere, lay leader Richardson, TX

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night is a beautiful book of Hunt’s reflective journey from pathos to passion. The lessons he learns along his path of listening for the voice of Christ give insight useful to all of us who might be questioning how God is moving in our own lives.”
Barbara Metzler, author, Passionaries and The Gift of Passionaries


“This book is a fascinating combination of things: a memoir, a testimony of faith questioned-tested-restored, a description of a specific scripture engaging practice to address struggles in faith, and an invitation for others to engage on a similar journey. It was Carl Rogers, I believe, who noted that when one is most personal then one is most universal. It is on this personal-thus-universal note that I find the book most effective. There is offered a vital engaging and candid account of a grueling spiritual crisis and journey through encounter with Jesus’ words back to faith. It is indeed a story of transformation, a fascinating read, filled not only with Greg’s “aha’s,” but with some for each new reader. I commend it to you.”
American Baptist Quarterly Reviewer: Richard P. Olson, PhD, distinguished professor, Pastoral Theology, Central Baptist Theological Seminary

“If you’ve ever felt perplexed by God’s silence, then you will find this book utterly fascinating.”
George Mason, Sr. Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas


“Greg Hunt could be described as a 21st Century pioneer in the field of communications. Rare is the person, particularly a pastor, who will admit a disconnect between themselves and their Creator. Blackbird Singing in the dead of Night tells about a very personal quest he shares with his congregation, over a period of months, and now on a larger scale through this remarkable book.”
Linda C. Fuller, co-founder of Habitat for Humanity and Fuller Center for Housing


“Thought-provoking, soul-searching and honest.”
Allen Walworth, president and principal, Generis

“When I read Greg Hunt’s intelligent but accessible book, I felt as though I took the journey with him. It is an affirmation for us all of God’s presence         and supreme guidance in our lives – if only we are still enough, patient enough and trusting enough to see and feel them.”
Christine Belleris, president, Beyond Words Inc.


“None of us are free from the experience of doubt, obstacles, even hardships in our lives, and thus we turn to God for guidance and direction. But what if God doesn’t answer? As this compelling book shows, just as when Pastor Greg Hunt’s journey took him to the edge of his faith, the journey itself is often the destination in disguise.”
Donna Schuller, Television Host, Great Health, and co-author, Woman to Woman Wisdom: Inspiration for Real Life


“I’m not sure which is more frightening for a clergy person, confronting a crisis of faith or telling the world about it! Greg Hunt does so with a clarity and grace that takes you along on his pathway, draws you into his story, and illumines your own personal struggles.”
Bo Prosser, coordinator for Congregational Life, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


“Greg Hunt joins the ranks of the spiritual seekers whose journey toward God crosses the desert of doubt and uncertainty. His story of pressing through toward a deeper understanding of himself, his vocational calling, and his faith provides an engaging and inspiring look at a topic that is too often ignored or swept under the carpet in many 21st century churches – accepting and remaining faithful in times of unbelief.”
Joan Ball, author of Flirting with Faith: My Spiritual Journey from Atheism to a Faith-Filled Life


“Greg Hunt has written a book that will both comfort and inspire you when you need it most. His honesty about his struggles with finding the presence of God again in his life, after many years of leading congregations as a minister, will help those who may be faced with the same struggles. Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night will take you through the author’s journey of honest questioning of the role of God in his life. It is refreshing to discover that even people of great faith can turn to the scriptures when struggling and find their way to a deeper understanding of their faith and the presence of God. I highly recommend this book.”
5-Star Review on Amazon


“Anyone who has ever struggled with the notion of God and the presence of God in their own lives will be changed by reading Greg Hunt’s journey. It’s a gripping, wonderful ride.”
Ron Noble, author of Letter Beasties


“Reading Greg Hunt’s memoir about his crisis of faith helped to validate my own spiritual journey. Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night is easy to read, yet profound in its message. I read it straight through the first time, but now use it as a resource for meditation. With its forty chapters, it would make an excellent study for the Lenten season. There are questions at the close of the book for discussion in a group setting or for personal reflection.”
5-Star Review on Amazon


“In Blackbird, Greg Hunt gives us the one thing that has been painfully lacking in recent religious memoirs–spiritual honesty and transparency. Hunt’s beautiful and vivid description of his “dark night of soul” provides valuable insights for Christians of every level of spiritual maturity. What’s more, serious readers will surely revisit Hunt’s work as they continue down the roads of their own spiritual journeys.”
5-Star Review on Amazon

“A beautifully written and incredibly honest account of the author’s struggle with doubts in his own faith crisis. Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night acts as a guide, a comfort, and finally, a source of encouragement and hope for anyone who is seeking to find answers in their own personal relationship with God. I highly recommend this book!”
5-Star Review on Amazon

“A beautiful, beautiful, book: Dr. Greg Hunt had devoted nearly 30 years to congregational ministry, helping people experience God and find their way in life. Then came his crisis of faith and calling: He turns to God for guidance, but is unable to “find” God. Neither his education–a Ph.D. in theology–nor his religious involvements–senior pastor of a multi staff congregation, civically and denominationally engaged leader–could protect him against the disorienting impact of the experience.

Days turned into months. Months became seasons. Seasons added up to a year, then two. He began to wonder if his faith had been delusional: Was God even real?

In the midst of his struggle, he tries a sometimes desperate experiment of devotion: could he have a personal encounter with God through the redletters of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew?

The outcome is startling, and changes his life entirely. Written with candor, wonder, and honesty, this book is important because through it we learn that God is ever-willing to show us the nobility of being human: that while happiness feeds the heart, it is tribulation that opens the soul….and only then can we discover the real meaning and purpose of our lives. This book is soothing, reassuring, confidence-building.”5-Star Review on Amazon

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night: What to Do When God Won’t Answer is the best book I’ve ever read – and I am a prolific reader. I’ve read it four times! I was immediately drawn into the personal story of the author, but more importantly I was made to think about my own life and my own spiritual questions. It reads like a novel but with such depth and insight. I’m giving a copy to all my friends!”
5- Star Review on Amazon

“This book changed my life. It can change yours. The author shares honestly his personal experience when faith and doubt walked hand in hand during his deep spiritual struggle. His experience was transformational. Studying atheism while holding fast to the words of Jesus even when God fell completely silent, he emerged from the other side a changed man. Do you sometimes struggle to hear a word from God? To gain clear guidance for your life? To discern answers to your prayers? Read this book!”
5- Star Review on Amazon


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