Letter from a Pastor

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night: What to Do When God Won’t Answer
by Gregory L. Hunt

RE: A dear pastor friend, a genuine soul-partner

Dear friends and colleagues,

Greg pastored First Baptist Church Shreveport for several years. We met regularly in a pastor peer group. There were about 8 of us who met every 6 weeks or so. We laughingly said that one of the criteria to be in the group was that you had to have been fired at least once in your life.  It was a group that became very close, very open and very candid about walking with God, our doubts, our fears, our concerns about organized religion, today’s organized church, and really knowing and sensing God in our lives in a real-down-to-earth way.

Each of us admitted to experiencing dry times, empty times, times when we did not and could not discern God in any way.  How do you find your own way, let alone lead others on a spiritual journey, when you are in the dark of night, the winter of the soul, the times of great doubts in your own being?  How do hurting Christians find God when they are beginning to doubt God’s very existence? I couldn’t be like Mother Theresa who said she went 8 years without hearing anything from God and still wanted to love Him with a love like He had never experienced.

All I was hearing from mass media Christianity was that if you followed God, did everything His way, really trusted Him, then you would be happy, healthy, rich and have good marriages, good children, lots of fun vacations and a super-duper retirement.

Obviously, none of that was happening to me.  At least not in the ways I wanted it.

Greg writes from the Dark Night of his own experiences. Greg and I shared many thoughts and struggles.  He is a real soul-struggle buddy to me.  He helped me at a time when I was at my all-time lowest ever.  I might not even be alive today if it were not for Greg Hunt.  His candid openness about his own struggles helped to save me.  He is one of the most brilliant scholars I have ever met and one of the most compassionate people on planet earth.  Greg is wise and real.

Greg simply began reading the RED LETTER words of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.  He spent days on only one or two verses.  From that lengthy experience, he began writing devotions from his personal journaling.  Slowly but surely, he found a new walk with God again.

Greg gave me a privilege that I shall never forget and always cherish when he asked me to be one of many readers of the early first drafts of the book.  It was like he was writing out of my own empty, broken, dusty, dead inner being which felt so badly beaten up by this broken world.  I told him that he was in my hip pocket listening to all of my own doubts, disappointments with God and discouragement about trying to walk with God and finding nothing but defeat and heart ache.

Blackbird Singing in the Dark of Night: What do Do When God Won’t Answer by Greg Hunt is for all those who have tried to walk with God and found struggles and pain when they had expected joy and  success.  If you have ever doubted if God was real or if you really were a Christian or if you could possibly know a God at all, this is a book you should purchase and read right now!

If your life and walk with God produces  nothing but happiness, success, victory after victory and you have never felt abandoned by God in the moment you desperately needed him, then this book is not for you.

For people like me and Greg who find trying to follow Christ and be like Him more and more an exhausting, debilitating, anxiety-ridden path if you buy into today’s pain-free, let’s all be healthy and get rich doing it the Jesus Way approach to life.

Thank you, Greg Hunt, for being so honest, so real and so Christ like to give us a real model of how to walk through our dark nights of the soul.

I personally think that every person who has claimed to be a follower of Christ for at least five years should purchase this book today and begin immediately reading the daily devotions.  I promise you that you will be a different person after walking through the book with Greg.

New Life Community Church
4210 Coliseum Blvd., Alexandria, LA 71303
Gary Baldwin, Pastor

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