Written Work

  • Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night. Amazon.com bestseller, released October 3, 2011. The book is an autobiographically-rich account of my transformative experiment with the red letters of Jesus during a crisis of faith and calling.
  • Leading Congregations through Crisis. Chalice Press, 2012.
  • Editor and principal writer of The Missional Journey: Being the Presence of Christ (Atlanta, GA: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, 2003).
  • “Strategic Planning with an Attitude,” Wellspring, (April-June, 1999, Volume 2, Number 2).
  • “From Crisis to Renewal: One Church’s Story,” published by Holmeswood Baptist Church May 23, 1997, and distributed upon request (Referred to in Fellowship News!, June, 1997).
  • “A Conspiracy of Kindness,” written for presentation on September 16, 1996 at “Leadership through the Culture Wars,” A Baptist Center for Ethics Conference, Kansas City, MO.
  • “Beyond the Burden of Being Good,” in Interpreting Galatians for Preaching and Teaching, Scott Nash, editor (Macon, GA: Smythe and Helwys, 1995).
  • “Gratitude in Biblical Language,” in Gratitude/Expressing Family Thanks/a CBF Resource for the Home (Nashville, TN: Baptist Center for Ethics, 1994).
  • “Psalm 23,” a five-week unit of adult Bible study, Formations Sunday School curriculum, (Smythe and Helwys, August, 1993).
  • “Doing Right by God and Caesar,” in Amidst Babel Speak the Truth, Robert U. Ferguson, editor (Macon, GA: Smythe and Helwys, 1993).
  • “As Long as We Both Shall Live; Jesus on Divorce,” a sermon published as part of a tape series on the Sermon on the Mount by the Baptist Center for Ethics, 1992.
  • “The Christian’s Experience of Salvation,” Word & Way, Journal of the MO Baptist Convention, October 3, 1991.
  • “Sunday School: the Launch Pad for Ministry,” Sunday School Leadership, March, 1988.
  • “Daniel Marshall: Energetic Evangelist for the Separate Baptist Cause,” Baptist History and Heritage, April, 1986.
  • “Toward Theological Foundations for Faith Development Theory: with Special Attention to James Fowler,” Ph.D. dissertation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1985.

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    What are the chances? Thanks for writing. Happy trails to you and to all the other Greg Hunts out there … even those who get their kicks by skateboarding through life!

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