• What distinguishes healthy relationships from unhealthy relationships?
  • What are the lessons and skills to be learned?

Through Directions, Inc., Greg and Priscilla Hunt promote the development of healthy interpersonal relationships. Not only do they provide answers to the questions above; they provide skills training, lead conferences and retreats, facilitate couple groups, and offer private client services. They formed Directions, Inc. as a non-sectarian organization so they could work freely in both non-sectarian and faith-based settings.

Greg and Priscilla Hunt are certified instructor trainers in Couple Communication I and II® and certified trainers in Core Communication® and Collaborative Team Skills®, a related set of skill development tools that are widely researched and highly regarded:

They are also certified as training instructors for PREPARE/ENRICH®, a relationship assessment tool that has become the industry standard for use with nearlyweds, newlyweds, and couples who have been together for years. This tool can be used with individual couples or as a part of couple-related retreats, workshops, and seminars.

Long associated with Better Marriages, a leading force in the marriage movement, Greg and Priscilla are a certified leader couple and serve as keynote speakers, and retreat and conference leaders for marriage-related events across the nation. Since 2009, Priscilla has served as Executive Director of Better Marriages.

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