As one facet of its mission, Directions, Inc. promotes the cultivation of life-friendly organizations.

  • What is it that makes some organizations healthier than others?
  • How is it that some organizations are able to excel in the achievement of their organizational agendas AND in the quality of life they are able to promote among those who work for them?
  • What are the distinctive strengths of these organizations? What are the transferable lessons to be learned?

Directions, Inc. studies these questions in cooperation with educational institutions. It works directly with business executives and non-profit leaders to answer these questions for their context and translate the answers into organizational strategies that work. It provides coaching services to congregations, with special attention to the needs of congregations during pastoral interims.

Consider these facets of support that Directons, Inc. can offer to you and the organization you lead:

  • LQ© consulting with individual leaders*
  • Clarification (or re-clarifation) of your organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Evaluation of your current policies, practices, and underlying culture as they relate to creating an organization that does well for others while doing well for itself
  • Strategic planning that takes seriously your organization’s current strengths and limitatons and prospective opportunities and threats
  • Collaborative Team Skills® training to strengthen the ability of your people to make decisions, solve problems, and resolve conflict together.*

For more information or to request our services, complete the comment box below or email us at huntgreg54@gmail.com.

*LQ© is a form of intelligence. It stands for “Life Quotient,” a term coined by Dr. Greg Hunt to reflect a person’s capacity to live a healthy, balanced life. Healthy organizations are led by high LQ© leaders, who are leading healthy lives themselves and facilitating the LQ© health of those they lead and serve. Organizational success and personal health aren’t mutually exclusive possibilities. It is possible for leaders and their organizations to do well AND live well. LQ© consulting provides personal support to organizational leaders as they lead, love, and build a healthy life-work legacy.

*For more information on Collaborative Team Skills®, click this link: http://www.i-skillszone.com/index.htm. Greg and Priscilla Hunt are certified trainers for this highly respected skill development system.

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