Tell me what YOU have learned about leading through crisis.

My book, Leading Congregations through Crisis, is now available for purchase. but the learning goes on. That’s where you come in. I’d like to keep learning from experienced leaders about the principles of leading well when trouble strikes:

  • Eruptions of violence
  • Natural disasters
  • Accidents and medical emergencies
  • Sudden death
  • Personnel crises
  • Money woes
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Community crises
  • Legal crises
  • Conflict and crisis

My book is a best practices guide for leading under these circumstances. Not only does the book draw on my experience of leading through crisis, it draws on the stories and wisdom of other congregational leaders who have been there.

If you have experience with leading a congregation through crisis or know someone who does, I’d like to hear from you and include your insights on this website. Let’s keep learning from one another how to lead better!

You can respond below, or contact me by email at huntgreg54@gmail.com.

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