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The Bad News and the Good News about Congregational Crisis

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

 (This article was originally written for and published by The Columbia Partnership – TCP. My book is a part of Chalice Press’s TCP Leadership  Series.)

I learned some very interesting things in the course of research for my book, Leading Congregations through Crisis. Some of what I learned was sobering. Crisis has a way of exposing a congregation’s weaknesses and putting its future at risk. Some of what I learned was heartening. There are wonderful congregations out there that have come through crisis alive and well. We have a lot to learn from them about preventing, preparing for, and recovering from misfortune.

Based on my research and my own experiences as a pastor leading congregations through crisis, here’s how I would summarize the bad news and good news about congregational crisis: Click to continue »

Vocation and the Silence of God

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

[This is one of a series of entries from my unpublished book, Desperate Devotion, which details my experience with the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew during a crisis of faith and calling.]

The silence of God is doubly disturbing when one is straining to hear God’s direction vocationally. My crisis of faith related directly to calling.

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